Hypertension and Your Life Insurance

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension if not properly manage can turn into a significant threat referring to heart disease. The veins in the human body can harden over time (known as atherosclerosis) and if hypertension goes without remedy, can lead to heart attacks or cerebral vascular accidents. This ailment can potentially affect your aim to get a life insurance plan.

Quite a number life insurance companies will offer the best possible quote even with moderately complications with blood pressure levels, or with the use of blood pressure medication to control the condition. Every firm has distinctive rules to follow precisely what trend of hypertension or treatment they will make it possible for as a highest possible at a given risk class level (the risk class determines the premium).

Some companies will immediately invalidate you from the best rates simply for taking a blood pressure prescription, even if the condition is well under control. Other companies may consider 130/80 to be the optimal point for the best quotes, while still other people may be adaptable with readings closer to 140/85 still qualifying for the most favorable rates. There are various firms that will still provide the best rates even with the use of the use of one or two blood pressure medicines.

Unrestrained blood pressure problems often goes hand in hand with serious health problems including heart attack, coronary artery malady, enlarged heart, diabetes, kidney breakdown and stroke. More often than not, a life insurance company will look much more positively upon a person who is using antihypertensives to handle their blood pressure than a person who has even slight hypertension who refuses to take medicine.

Stage 1 elevated blood pressure (140/90 to 159/99)
Stage 1 often proves to be treated using diuretics. A diuretic works by detoxing excess salt and water from the body system. Well-known diuretics are Lasix (furosemide) and hydrochlorothiazide . You may have heard someone talk about their diuretic as a “water pill”. The diuretic along with life style changes could be sufficient to bring anyone’s blood pressure straight down into the normal range. If this is you, a good agent should be able to achieve insurance in while staying free of price increase due to the hypertension history.

Stage 2 high blood pressure (160/100 or higher)
Most of the time a combination of treatment options will be prescribed by a doctor for stage 2 blood pressure problems. As long as the prescription meds work well and all readings have been normal for at least twelve months then it is still possible to find the best rate class. The agent must be watchful and carefully review underwriting policy to ensure that no penalty is assessed for managed blood pressure with the company he is quoting. It continues to be a possibility qualify for preferred plus is everything else is good.

Underwriters will look at the following queries when other risk factors are combined with hypertension:

Your blood pressure medication

Have your readings and medical assessment better over time?

Diet and exercise routine?

Have you been being treated for high cholesterol?

Are you overweight?

Do you smoke a cigarette?

Have you had any cardiovascular concerns?

Is there any family history of heart problem just before age 60?

Are there any other health-related risk factors?

05 Oct 2013

Insurance Risks

Today you never know who’s looking over your shoulder. From a camera on city streets checking for speeders, drones in the sky, plus an iPhone and other camera gadgets in most pockets and purses, you can’t get away from anything. Banks are finished taking “risks,” and car insurance companies will often run credit checks and DMV checks for tickets and DUI stops or jail time as a way of quoting your policy terms and conditions. That said let’s separate the question before the house of common sense which is: Insurance risks, and how a DUI affects an auto or life policy.

Auto Policy: It’s sound reasoning that a person caught under the influence (DUI) that your vehicle policy may be affected to some degree. It’s also an impact that you’ll pay for, in terms of being on your driving record, for a long time. You can’t erase or fool a DMV driving record conviction even if you’re renewing your current auto policy. Ergo, your driving records will directly affect what an insurance company will charge you for a policy due to that one nasty word: DUI – driving under the influence. You see, points are added to your driving history and any insurance company will asses your point history and charge you more if your “points” total more than the average driver. And to make matters worse, some insurers may not consider a policy even if you provide an SR-22 – statement of financial responsibility. Ergo, if you have a DUI; maybe more than one, it’s not the end of the world – but its close.

Life Insurance With A DUI: The usual concept is that if a person has one or more DUI’s on their driving history, a life insurance policy will cost more simply because you are more prone to accidents or severe injuries. However there are several escape “parachutes” you can take advantage of in covering your life with insurance. When it comes to life insurance and a DUI-DWI, choosing the right company to handle your conundrum will make the difference between a “thumbs up or thumbs downs.” In essence it all boils down to the underwriting procedures and guidelines by the individual company. Factors like your age, DUI history, history of alcohol abuse and treatment, results of a Liver Enzyme Test, history of your driving record (violations, speeding, etc.), criminal record, and any health conditions. However working together with the right insurance agent and company who can provide term life insurance can turn dark clouds into blue skies and green lights.

05 Aug 2013

Life Insurance Tips

Many people find it difficult to choose the best life insurance. Choosing life insurance is an important step, and it should be handled properly. There are several factors that you need to consider when you are shopping for life insurance. It is essential that you evaluate your individual needs, compare features and companies to find the best option for you. Here are some life insurance tips that can help you make a wise choice, which I found on www.lifeinsuranceblog.net.

Purchase life insurance at a young age, when you have few serious medical conditions. Life insurance premiums increase as you get older. Many insurance companies consider older individuals to be more of a liability for them than young people are. Also, cost of premiums increase when it is obvious that the insurance company will need to pay out in a short period of time, such as if the insured individual has cancer. Buying life insurance earlier in life and when you are healthy can be a great way to save money in the long run.

Consider the cost of living. Usually, when people purchase life insurance, they purchase enough coverage for funeral cost, legal fees and debt payments. When you calculate these costs, you should understand that the insurance you purchase this year may not be sufficient in the future. You should always try to buy more insurance than you need so that the policy will still be sufficient into the future.

Consider obtaining only one policy and buying group life insurance. Group insurance is often cheaper than buying several small policies.

Choose the type of insurance policy that is best for your situation. There are two types of life insurance. You should take the time to examine both types before making a choice. Term insurance covers you for a period of time; this type of policy does not pay you any money if you do not die during the term. Whole life insurance is an insurance policy which provides coverage for life, and you can borrow against the cash value if you need to.

In any case, you should carefully evaluate all available options. You should also consider getting insurance advice from a financial adviser or an insurance professional. It is also a good idea to evaluate life insurance coverage periodically to be sure it is still appropriate to your lifestyle and goals.

Having adequate life insurance coverage is essential. It covers the financial obligations you may leave behind when you pass on. This ensures that your loved ones do not suffer extreme anxiety due to financial difficulties. By following these simple life insurance tips, you can ensure that things go smoothly for your loved ones in the event that you pass away.

05 Aug 2013

Best insurance companies to work for

As we get older, we learn more and more about the world and the need for protections in the event of any type of accident or disaster. This is where insurance comes in. Most people will start off by buying car insurance for their first car, followed by health insurance then home insurance and life insurance. Insurance is broken down into two main categories which are life insurance companies (sell life insurance, pension plans, and annuities), and non-life insurance (those who insure property and other goods). Choosing the best company for insurance can be difficult with all the media bombarding you with ads every day; however, one of the best ways to really get the best company is to choose one where the employees are happy working. Two of the best life insurance companies to work for in 2013 are American General and Allstate. AMERICAN GENERAL American General is one of the larger companies in the United States which offers insurance and they operate through several smaller subsidiaries. They have been rated at the best life insurance company of 2013 and have been in operation for over 160 years. According to several reviews online, people truly do enjoy working for this company because of the great benefits and the equability of the company. Employees have nothing but praise for American General on several job review websites. They have said things like: there is nothing to complain about and the senior management does a great job about caring for their agents. They have promoted the idea that the company has a diverse work population and that the benefits, paid time off and work environment are to be applauded. ALLSTATE Allstate is a brand we hear about almost daily on television, on the internet, in some newspapers, and pretty much in every form of mass media there is. There is a reason they can afford such a large marketing campaign and that is because they are good at what they do. They are ranked at number three in the best life insurance companies in America in 2013 and among the top 5 in every other category. They offer life, health, auto, and home insurance and they are another great option for insurance. Employees have nothing but good responses on several job review websites. They have mentioned the great benefits, the paid time off, ample vacation time, amazing co-workers and the diverse work population. They have also remarked on their love for the company and expressed the fact that they believe it is headed nowhere but up.

05 Aug 2013